How it works

Often, it’s the complex legislation and the up-front costs associated with selling part of your property that puts people off doing it. Sound familiar? Or maybe you’ve tried, but three years later your vacant land is still on the market? No matter your situation, we can make selling your unused space simpler.

STEP 1: We assess your piece of land, outbuildings or roof space

You complete our online land valuation form. Our experienced surveyor checks through it. If it looks as if the land you want to sell could gain planning approval we arrange to visit your property and discuss it with you. If you’re happy with what’s discussed, and we think there’s the potential for your space to be developed, we’ll arrange to do a planning and conveyancing feasibility study at our own expense. None of this costs you anything.

STEP 2: We make you an offer for a 2.5-year option on your land

If we believe it’s possible to get planning permission for the plot, we’ll discuss what your land’s worth. The suggested price for the plot you wish to sell will be based on the land’s market value, taking into account the size of the house that we believe could be built on it if planning is approved. We use independent valuers agreed by both parties to determine this value.

We then draw up an agreement that assigns us a 2.5-year option. The option agreement gives Land Converter 6 months to market the property, and the person who takes over the option from us 2 years to gain planning permission and if it is granted, buy the land.

Please contact us for a copy of our standard option agreement. As with any legal contract, it’s very important that you get INDEPENDENT LEGAL ADVICE before signing it.

STEP 3: We list your property on our website

We have an extensive list of independent self-builders and housebuilders who are looking for spaces like yours on which to build a home. They will have access to details of your land, including the planning and conveyancing feasibility survey.

STEP 4: The buyer takes over the option and applies for planning permission

When a buyer decides they want to buy your land, we assign the option on your land to them. You don’t pay anything and they pay us a fixed fee for having done the initial surveys. This fee has no impact on the final sum you receive. The buyer then submits a planning application to the local authority.

STEP 5: Planning approval is received and you get paid

When the buyer receives planning approval, if they wish to proceed with the purchase, they pay you the full amount that was agreed in the option contract.

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