October 4, 2017 - Comments Off on New London Architecture’s Don’t Move, Improve!

New London Architecture’s Don’t Move, Improve!

We’ve just been catching up with New London Architecture’s Don’t Move, Improve! competition which celebrates London’s best designed and most innovative new home extension projects. The competition was held earlier this year but its accompanying catalogue is still very relevant and contains some really inspiring work. After all from an extension to an entirely new house is not a massive leap so the competition shows how you can add quality by building within your boundary be it as part of your own house or a completely new one.

We were particularly interested by this project in Muswell Hill by the talented young practice Kirkwood McCarthy which creates a really bold interior which is still wide open to the light and greenery of the garden. Like the other shortlisted practices it shows how top design can bring exceptional innovation and cost-effectiveness in the delivery of better living space for Londoners, what the New London Architecture campaign is all about.

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