September 25, 2017 - Comments Off on Modular Homes in London and the UK

Modular Homes in London and the UK

Things are clearly moving on when people start arguing about the word for it. The individual in this article in the Financial Times about prefabrication suggests we call it “modular” instead. Well, whatever the word, there are clearly a lot of interesting ones around.
Some of them sound very promising; adapting really smart bits of technology or using snappy clever design to lower construction costs. It is good to know that there are other people thinking like us. We are launching soon a site for our sister company Cube Haus which will provide prefab - sorry modular - homes from a line of top architects.

Given all the energy and thought going into this way of building and that the fruits of their labours will be with us soon, it is odd that this hasn’t happened sooner. We already build whole sections of large buildings from prefabricated components. We're already on the road to building whole houses. One thing is for sure more people will be living in houses that have either got prefabricated additions to them or have been entirely prefabricated.

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