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Homes in London and the UK

To identify suitable sites for small homes in London, Land Converter, which launched in April, helps people to sell unused space for development, including garages, workshops, sheds and roof space. “We appraise the potential for planning and, if it ticks all the boxes, we will agree a purchase price in advance,” says Philip Bueno de Mesquita, a founding director.

This is set at 25% of the end value of the house it would build on the site through its housebuilding arm, Cube Haus, which is creating a catalogue of modular houses to fit any awkward site. “We frequently find land that has been undervalued by local estate agents. Usually people have been told to sell the land without planning, which gives them no leverage once that has been achieved.”

Cube Haus designs are built around an internal courtyard to combat the noise and potential lack of privacy that comes with hutching up in small areas. They also use lightweight materials so they can be placed on top of existing structures.

Source: Sunday Times

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